Monday, 26 November 2012

Anuvahood - Technological Convergence

Anuvahood has an official iTunes app that can be installed onto any iPhone, iPad etc. for free. This convergence in technology has helped the film market and publicise itself, even for months after the official UK release. Although this won't primarily ignite a financial boost for the film's producers, it will boost word of mouth and in the long term, may help encourage an increase in sales for the film.
As well as this, Adam Deacon managed to team up with JME to release 'Hype Hype Ting' the single and publicise the film even further. Big names, like JME, attract the right audiences to Anuvahood as his fan base is the younger teenage generation. Both of these examples of the use of technological convergence by Anuvahood demonstrates how it can be used to promote the film in various ways that will attract a specific audience. Films such as Anuvahood command a niche market from diverse backgrounds that is hard to replicate and draw in to see a film, but using apps and singles to publicize the film will dramatically help Revolver Entertainment when distributing the film and making it accessible. As well as this, Anuvahood used the internet to it's advantage by releasing official trailers, 'Anuvahood Cast Freestlye' videos to be viewed on YouTube and also filming their Anuvahood Bus Tour around the UK and also releasing the various videos virally. Anuvahood has also used other social networking sites when publicizing their film, for example their popular Twitter (5,004 followers) and Facebook (204,969 likes). Anuvahood use the internet and technology to their full advantage when promoting the film, as this is the most successful way to appeal to their small market, without breaking the low budget.

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